Monday, 21 May 2007

Birthday Post!

I've been working on value, and contrast, and all that stuff. The two at the top are from a couple o pics I took at Hyde Park, while the bottom one, as you can probably tell, is from my noggin. I'm trying to bridge that vast difference between referenced quality and unreferenced. Oh yeah, I went to Bosnia Herzegovina and Dubrovnik, Croatia for 5 days, 2 weeks ago (random?). Took dozens of pictures of dozens of awesome scenery that made me go 'oooh..woww......', and so on. So hopefully I will try to do studies of those in the near future, and if they end up ok, they will end up in here, and if they dont, they'll still end up here.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

edited: 13 May 2007

My piece for the Teen Challenge on Just wanted to create an image where two strangers approach each other, ad I wanted the girl to seem brave for approaching the swamp monster. tried to use really faded colours, and to make it verylight, to give it a serene and uplifting mood. Still not completely happ with it though, I will need to clarify the light source, and add an object to the left of the pic to balance the focal points.

A wip self portrait of my oogly mug. I'm so lazy, its been about two weeks since I last touched it! (The glare! It burns!)

A wip study of a prawn in oils. I think the actual prawn is still there in my room (no wonder it stinks!).

A random portrait of a fish (is it a fish?) done in sketcher.