Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Finally! New Stuff!

Onions! Yay! As part of my whole value-learning process, I have devoted my time to learning how to establish values in black and white, using onions. Yep. Painting the simplest things in black and white I feel is the easiest way of learning where things should be. I still feel that my contrast et sharpness isnt quite there, hmmm, something to work on. Here in London, the winter is kicking my ass. The rain, the wind, all of winters sons and daughters have owned me. The nice thing is that winter keeps me at home, where I can just draw more!

I name this piece 'Palpitations' because of a weird experience I had, where I woke up at 4 a.m feeling my heartbeat going real fast, then real slow, for about half an hour. I then woke up my dad, and after going to the clinic, found that its just palpitations caused by lack of sleep/caffeine. The funny thing was that while I experienced it, I kept feeling this sensation where i was about to float/faint, that was really horrifying. So this piece is a tribute to that experience, one of those things in life that happens to make you really cherish how fragile it is. Ciao!