Wednesday, 10 January 2007

This piece was created for the C.O.W Topic 'Unique Lovers'.

This is a piece that I did for C.O.W (Creature of the Week), and the topic was something to do with the creature being extremely fast. So I decided to create an illustration of a huge snail with loads of tiny villi-like structures, making it really fast despite being a typically slow organism. I just put in those white spirit people to make the piece more interesting. This was the first time I painted a grey underpainting before adding the colours, and I feel that it added more depth to the colour. Definitely a technique that i will continue using.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Its time to post my work! I figured its about time i have an art blog of my own, since i have a lot of artwork that ends up nowhere. Its better to have them up in here than having them locked up in My Documents, all lonely and idle.

This was a piece I did for Art School vs. Self Taught Thunderdome. Despite the flaws that now seem even more apparent than before, like the small feet, legs and arms, as well as the flat background, I am still happy with it. Its the first time i really completed a piece without deciding to quit it, and in that sense I am happy with the progress.