Wednesday, 10 January 2007

This is a piece that I did for C.O.W (Creature of the Week), and the topic was something to do with the creature being extremely fast. So I decided to create an illustration of a huge snail with loads of tiny villi-like structures, making it really fast despite being a typically slow organism. I just put in those white spirit people to make the piece more interesting. This was the first time I painted a grey underpainting before adding the colours, and I feel that it added more depth to the colour. Definitely a technique that i will continue using.

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Narmo said...

Definitely good indeed !
The details on the snail are fine.
Maybe you could have use less colors, to have a kind of color "scheme" (I hope it means something, I'm French afterall ;) )
But I don't understand what's on the foreground, the greeny-salad-leaf ^^Or is it ?

Keep working on that way !

Narmo, the French teen hedgehog, from