Monday, 2 April 2007

Started practicing drawing the human form. Its......hard. But drawing hands are fun, especially with a biro. With the biro, you cant erase anything, so if it looks wonky, then you just have to roll with it. :p I got a letter from Camberwell Art College, I'm invited for interviw on the 12th of April, at.......9.30 am!!!!!! Oh my. I'll need to wake up o'clock. or something. bLEH........whatever.

This was an old torso redesign I did back in the day. I lookied up a torso pic on corbis, which somehow did not end up as it should have........Painting or drawing what I see was never my strong point, haha!


naomiful said...

very niiiiice - :D

shou' said...

Hey Amer.

I want more anatomy and color studies!