Friday, 7 March 2008

Borrowed a book on Frederick Leighton and his works, and now absolutely love his stuff, vibrant colours, awesome painting skills. Tried to do a black and white value study of one of his pieces, trying to use larger strokes to pull of the shiny drapery, it was a good study i think. I still get proportions horribly wrong.

My LMS piece for 'Underneath it all'. I always thought those Venitian Balls were kinda creepy, with ther masksand all. So I had this idea that they were all aliens,or a family of aliens that gather together and dance. So this picture is supposed to be a moment when they take off their masks, revealing their true form. I think I lost the message halfway, and its hard for anyone to make sense of it, haha. I really enjoyed working on this piece though.


That Rascal said...

Just happened to come across your blog. My friend, you have some really inspiring work. Good stuff bro!

roland said...

Hey buddy, the one that I did was with oil colours. But your studdy of Leighton looks pretty cool. She looks more atractive in your version, bigger eyes and less cheeky:D