Tuesday, 1 May 2007

edited: 13 May 2007

My piece for the Teen Challenge on ca.org. Just wanted to create an image where two strangers approach each other, ad I wanted the girl to seem brave for approaching the swamp monster. tried to use really faded colours, and to make it verylight, to give it a serene and uplifting mood. Still not completely happ with it though, I will need to clarify the light source, and add an object to the left of the pic to balance the focal points.

A wip self portrait of my oogly mug. I'm so lazy, its been about two weeks since I last touched it! (The glare! It burns!)

A wip study of a prawn in oils. I think the actual prawn is still there in my room (no wonder it stinks!).

A random portrait of a fish (is it a fish?) done in sketcher.


naomiful said...

wow very nice stuff here amer as usual ^_~ i almost feel like the pink behind the swamp monster needs to swap positions with the coloring near the monster and the girl's head areas. Just a thought! The fish sketch is nice too ~

BOKY said...

You should definitely finish your self portrait, it's looking good!:)